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By Janecook1@me.com

5 3 months ago

Vince Diana Sam

Outstanding..just short on cream for coffee lol
By Deborah Homier

5 4 months ago

Best salon I’ve been to

I was extremely fortunate to have had Vince fix my hair that had been badly damaged elsewhere. To say I’m satisfied with my repaired hair would be an understatement. Vince was not only professional and friendly he was helpful with his years of experience in letting me in on a few tips for caring and styling my hair. All the staff work together to make your experience amazing! Great prices. I highly recommend this salon and Vince!!! Debbie Homier
By Cheryl Gibson

5 Sep 30, 2022

Well - I see it has been 7 months since I left a review ...

...and Vince has outdone himself again! Same 17 yr old granddaughter, third design consult reinvent! From long hair stunner to a sculpted, incredibly sophisticated versatile short hair creation! Hopefully Vince can put up the picture he took. Amazing blend of colour and cut - she left the salon saying she felt like a rock star! That makes two rock stars - one doing the creating and one wearing it! Thank you again Vince for your passion, your great patience, willingness to listen and excitement about your career.
By Cheryl Gibson

5 Feb 6, 2022

Wonderful experience

Took my 17 yr old granddaughter in to Vince for consult and what turned out to be a cut and colour... It is hard to mind read, I know, but Vince did a marvellous job! Stunning does not describe the results! Thank you so much, Vince, for making a young lady very happy! Vince was so patient and engaged from discussion of whether or not to perm, how to cut waist length hair, what the result should look like, what colour, how to manage hair at home, products to protect colour and nourish the hair. What an afternoon! Thank you again to everyone who helped out.

As co-owner of the famous HairXtacy salons in Burlington and with over 35 years of experience, Vince is an expert to say the least. His expertise goes beyond the four walls of his salon, as he has competed and won on national and international levels. Vince has stepped foot on the world stage as a Canadian Master judge, a great way of giving back to a profession that has given him so much. His love for doing hair and making people feel good is apparent as he services clients at the salon on a daily basis. Vince is a family man, and nothing is more precious to him than his wife and children. He is proud to being continuing the HairXtacy legacy that his father originated in 1963.